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Find the appropriate spell level you wish to cast: Power Spell ($28), Elite Spell ($46), Superior Spell ($85), or Custom Ultimate Spell ($287), and then choose the specific Spell you wish to be cast for you.
Add one or more of your choices to the cart. The payment is through PayPal.
It is advisable that you provide relevant details (like date of birth etc for the persons involved), and what do you wish for! When you make your payment, you will be asked to provide this information.
Warning: even if you have enemies, do not expect Ms Amalia DaSilva to use her powers to harm them directly, or to use Black Magic against anybody. However, Ms Amalia will use her special Black Magic skills to fully protect you from any harm by any other unscrupulous practitioner, and will break any spell that has been cast against you. You have 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

Love spells:

love spellsPower Spell.
Power Spell is an extremely successful spell, more powerful than anything comparable on earth. Guaranteed to improve even a very tough situation. 1 year satisfaction guarantee. $28

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love spellsElite Spell
Elite Spell is a double spell. This is by far the most popular combination. Recommended if you have a long standing problem, or if you need that extra guarantee for success. It includes a Power Spell followed in 1 month by a special Enforcement (Booster) Spell. You are encouraged to contact and update on a weekly basis. The Follow Up Spell more than doubles the powers of the Power Spell. 1 year satisfaction guarantee. $46

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love spellsSuperior Spell
Superior Spell is a triple spell. It adds to the Elite Spells the additional energy to eliminate any obstacles that might still remain, by adding the third, Super Eliminator Spell. Ms Amalia DaSilva will cast  a Super Eliminator Spell for you  2 months after the 1st Power spell. There are no “blocks” that can withstand its power. You are encouraged to contact and update on a weekly basis. The results are simply amazing! 1 year satisfaction guarantee. $ 85

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love spellsCustom Ultimate Spells
Custom Ultimate Spells. This is not a standard one. Involves ancient powers that should not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary. Takes full 4 months to cast. Please do not (I repeat: DO NOT!!!) order Custom Spells unless you have a VERY GOOD reason. It is impossible to describe the “good reasons” in words, but you certainly understand that this should not be used for trivial things such as success in College Exams, or the desire to spend a week with your ex-lover. 1 year satisfaction guarantee. $287

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castLove spells:

* I Want You Back! * Date Me Now! * Defeat My Rival * I Want to be Loved and Desired * Please Forgive Me * Love Me Forever * Propose me! * Be Faithful to Me *

love_spellsPersonal and Health spells:

* The Total Happiness Spell * Find My Soul Mate * Get Real Money Spell * Success in Tests and Exams * Heal My Broken Heart * Bring Me Luck * Think Thin * Start Over Again * End Regrets * Health and Happiness *

love_spellsWork and Business spells:

* Best Promotion and Career * Eliminate Negatives from My Path * Happy New Start * is the world leading provider of the most powerful and quality spells, with the unique 1 full year 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Bring good luck into your life with Ms Amalia Da Silva, the 8th generation naturally gifted professional, who helped people since she was a child.




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