White Magic Love Spells in Romania
It is said that Love is like a soap bubble; it is fascinating, it is amazing, but it disappears so quickly, sometimes in the case of men, sometimes in the case of women, or both can feel bored after a few years together. However, in Romania the couple and the family are still real values in the society. There most of the people live in a traditional society in which a couple is blessed at least if they have got married in front of the altar and in this case only death has the right to separate them. This category of people – women most of the times – instead of divorcing prefer to extend the relationship no matter what means they use, therefore they even try magic means. Powerful Witchcraft is the answer when free white magic love spells are needed.

To continue with, sometimes love spells or love rituals are used just for fun, to check if we should really believe in free love spells and white magic. Some of the rituals are very simple and you do not have too much to do. For example, in order to enjoy a hot night, a girl can drip some mint oil drops on their boyfriend’s underwear or clothes. Carrot oil dripped over the big toe can have a similar effect. To continue with, if somebody sings his or her lover’s name it is said that these two people’s souls can harmonize in the astral realm and they can reach a special spiritual ecstasy. There are more details regarding free love spells casts.

Another way of keeping your boyfriend or husband faithful for a long time is to make him wash his face after shaving with rose water. It will prevent him from paying attention to other girls or women. It is a powerful free magic. For a stronger effect, you can prepare the rose water yourself from fresh rose petals. You have to crush the petals yourself and drop them into warm water – for excellent results you can use spring or rain water. This powerful witchcraft is simple, but the results are sometimes amazing.
Furthermore, here is a Romanian magic mirror ritual. You may know that mirrors are classical accessories in magic or witchcraft so they are used nowadays too, having the same strong effect. First, you have to use some oil to charge the mirror with magic power. You can use oil made of corn germs, oil you usually use for cooking or cosmetic oil. It is symbolic. Have an oil drop on your fingertip and touch the four corners of the mirror saying to yourself:

“I bless this mirror with love and happiness"
Then look at yourself in the mirror – paying attention only to your attractive traits, ignoring what you do not like. Then the room needs to be dark. If you perform the ritual during the day, you must put the blinds down and if you do it in the evening or at night, you can light only a small lamp. Sit down in front of the mirror and watch your wonderful traits again.

After you have focused on it for 30 seconds, light a match and watch your face again, in the new light. Now the mirror is magic. Whenever you look at yourself in this mirror, you will have a secret that will charge your aura positively so that your charm will always be highlighted.
To continue with, if you miss somebody and you are aching for that person, all you need are a needle, a red candle, a little icon lamp oil, six white candles, and matches. The ritual must be performed on a full moon night. The day you do it, you must not eat anything coming from animals and you must go to the church. After midnight, with open windows so that the moonlight enters your room, say “Our Father” prayer 6 times.

Then, using the needle, write on the red candle the name of the person you want to see. Then grease the candle with some oil taken from an icon lamp that used to light at Saint Mary’s icon, and put it on the table, vertically. Around it, you can make a circle of the six white candles that you light one by one in clockwise direction. Let them burn, then, kneeling, say the following prayer:

Glorious Moon, Lady of the Dark,
Give me your power.
Help me meet again (that person’s name)
As I am aching for him / her and my life has lost its wonder without him / her.
Help us meet, Goddess of Stars and enlighten our ways and our souls.
Thank you, lovely Moon.

Now you can blow the candles out and keep them confidently. Nevertheless, with or without rituals, Love will never die if we are able to keep burning that first flame at the beginning of a relationship, offering every day something special to our partner, regardless the area of the world where we live.